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Our Story


Tel Maresha Winery is a kosher family winery that produces high-quality wines in a new and developing wine region. The Maresha Winery aims to serve as a regional center for the culture of wine and to bring new flavors and aromas to the Israeli wine landscape. The vineyard, the winery and its visitor's center are located in the Judean Hills - Tel Marsha region near the Guvrin River. This region is located in the meeting point of three geographical regions: the coastal plain, the Judean Mountains and the Lachish region. The area is characterized by low calcareous stone and limestone hills that descend from heights of 30+ to 60+ m above sea level, and in clay soil mixed with chalk, located on the plains between them and the river creek.

מאיפה הכל התחיל – סבא וסבתא לבית משפחת חביביאן שעלו מאיראן בשנות ה-50. לאחר שהות במעברה בקרית שמונה החליטו להגשים את חלומם ולהפוך לעובדי אדמה בארץ ישראל, במושב זרחיה שבלב חבל לכיש. תחילת הדרך הייתה כלל לא פשוטה עם המון עבודה קשה, חלוציות והרבה אהבה לאדמה.  כיום שותפים לדרך זו של עבודת אדמה, וטיפוח כרמי היין הדור השני, השלישי ואף הרביעי, ששותפים לכלל התהליכים של ייצור היינות וכן להובלת היקב מתוך חזון של איכות ומצויינות.

We see before us the creation of a different and unique new troar, capable of producing high quality wines of a distinct regional character. The source of the Guvrin River, which passes near the winery, is the Tel Maresha region (the cave site of Beit Guvrin), the ancient Biblical city mentioned in the Bible, and in the books of Josephus Flavius, as a dominant and vibrant city. The stream winds through the relatively mild clay and limestone hills characteristic of the region. Trimming and close monitoring throughout all stages of the growth, keeping low crops, combined with the warm summer climate, and the characteristic humidity conditions of the area, give the selected grapes, and the wine produced rich flavors and rich aroma

עלייה לישראל


Made Aliyah to Israel


Settling in Zrahia in the Hevel Lakhish region

התיישבות בזרחיה בחבל לכיש
נטיעת הכרמים הראשונים


Planting the first vineyards


The founding of the winery and visitor center

הקמת היקב ומרכז המבקרים
בציר ראשון


First Vintage


First bottles released 

הוצאת הבקבוקים הראשונים לשיווק
Photo credit Sommelier Israel

The Wine Maker


Our Location

About The Wine Maker and the family

Oren, a civil Engineer that has a lot of experience in big complicated projects, and his father Shaul, a very experienced farmer, believed that it can be made, and they planted the very first vines in 2006.

With a very meticulous growing of the grapes in the vineyard, and with a lot of passion and accurate winemaking, they made the first wines that one of them the "Guvrin Stream" is become to be one the interesting wines in Israel, and proved to be a promising success for this region. As being an Estate family winery, all the vineyards are been growing on our own, so we can ensure the unique flavors and aromas that are obtained from grapes.

אושרית תמונה.jpg

Shaul and his grandsons at the vineyard 

Our Wines


Tel Maresha

 Chenin Blanc

  • Dry White Wine

  • Soil- Clay soil mixed with limestone

  • Appellation - Judean Hills 


3. tel maresha- granache-syrah 16.jpg


  Grenache - Syrah

  • Dry Red Wine

  • Soil- Clay soil mixed with limestone

  • Appellation - Judean Hills 


2. rose 18.jpg

 Tel Maresha Pink


  • Dry Rose Wine

  • Soil- Clay soil mixed with limestone

  • Appellation - Judean Hills 



Guvrin Stream

Pinotage -Syrah

  • Dry Red Wine

  • Soil- Clay soil mixed with limestone

  • Appellation - Judean Hills 



Tel Maresha

 Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot- Syrah

  • Dry Red Wine

  • Soil- Clay soil mixed with limestone

  • Appellation - Judean Hills 


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