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It all started with a seed

And then a lot of good old hard work

Maresha Estate Winery is a Kosher Family Winery which produces high quality wine in a new wine region developing in Israel.

The Winery aims to be a regional center of wine culture and transmitting flavors and odors to bring a new and different view of the Israeli Wine . One of our most important goals for establishing the winery was to add new tastes and fragrances to the Israeli wine view, and to be the “home of wine” to his region.

The vineyards which planted close to the winery and to the visitor’s center, located in the “Judean Hills –Tel Maresah” region. This region is the meeting of three geographic regions: Lacish region, Judean Hills, and the shore of Judea.
The vines are growing in a soil of clay mixed up with limestone, at +40m above sea level. We choose this unique area with his temperate climate to grow up our grapes, which are the source to our different finest and powerful wines.

Where we are today

Aromas and rich flavors

Because of being Estate Winery, and because our wish to “grew up the wine on the vine”, all of our wines are created from the grapes that comes from the the vineyards owned by the winery and located nearby. This is enable us to have full control in the growth process, determine the precise day and hour for the harvest ,and enable a very close follow up to bring the grapes hand- picked immediately into the winery.

This is the only way we can assure the unique and typical flavors and aromas which comes from the grapes.

A very tight pruning, low crops, and careful precise treatment throughout all stages of growth given to vines, combining with the warming climate in the summer, and typical humidity – all gathering together to create wonderful wines riches with aromas and special flavors.

Tasting Room

Taste some of our finest wines
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